21 September 2009

Your Business' Official Address

When registering your new business for the first time in Argentina, you will be asked to prove that your business is operating at a certain location. However, it is not enough to simply declare your address. You will need to "prove" it. This is done through a rental contract, presenting utilities in your business' name, a declaration from a public notary (escribano) etc. Before the government will give your business a tax id number (CUIT), you will need to prove its address.

This is sometimes difficult for new businesses, since just about everyone will ask you for your business' CUIT number before they will put any kind of service in the business' name or sign a rental agreement. These kinds of requirements will sometimes generate chicken and egg type situations where you can't start doing business until you have a CUIT, but you can't get a CUIT until you prove you are doing business.

The most complicated situation is when you try to declare an address that has already been declared for an existing business. The government will want to know why two businesses are operating at the same address, so be prepared to reply officially with the supporting documentation. In cases where this has been an issue for me, we have always resolved the issue by declaring the company to have the home address of one of the partners (assuming no other companies have been registered at that address) and then changing the company's official address after having been issued a tax id (which can be done simply over the internet).

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