29 September 2009

Who Can Join Monotributo?

Today's question comes from a reader with a "visa precaria" and he wants to know if he can join the monotributo system.

Reader's Question
Whilst you have said that you can not be a monotributista without a DNI, i would like to know if you can get one whilst awaiting your permenant residency. I am married to an Argentine and awaiting my papers - i have my 'Residency de Precaria' - will that be enough??
Who Can Join Monotributo
A "visa precaria" is just that, a precarious visa. The government is giving you a little bit of time for you to regularize your situation and get a real visa. A visa precaria doesn't entitle you to a DNI, since it isn't a residency visa. What you need to do is get a residency visa, either temporary or permanent, and then you can get your DNI and enroll in monotributo.

I had a temporary visa my first three years in Argentina and then changed to a permanent visa. During those years as a temporary resident, however, I could get a CUIT, open a bank account, invest in companies, enroll in monotributo, etc. A temporary residency visa allows you to do all those things. A visa precaria will not, however, since it isn't a residency visa.

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