10 July 2009

Property Transfer Tax (impuesto a la transferencia de inmuebles or ITI)

Argentina has a federal property transfer tax called the impuesto a la transferencia de inmuebles or ITI. This tax is paid by the seller of a property and is currently 1.5% of the value of the property transferred. The notary (escribano) who is handling the sale will act as a retention agent and pay this tax to AFIP on behalf of the seller.

There is currently an exception to this tax if the seller declares that the property is his primary residence and that within one year, he will be acquiring a new primary residence. The exception will only be granted if the seller has just one property in his name.

The procedure to apply for the exception can be found on the AFIP website. After applying and receiving permission for the exception, the seller will receive a certificate from AFIP which should be presented to the escribano who is handling the operation for the buyer in order to avoid this 1.5% tax.

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  1. Do you pay higher taxes in you are Argentian but you live in the US when you sell a property in Argentina?